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Illinois Pneumatics is a leading manufacturer of quality pneumatic cylinders 

At Illinois Pneumatics, we engineer and manufacture cylinders for a variety of applications to fit specific needs.
Our 3-piece design is highly requested due to its adjustment abilities, as well as internals, making it a great choice for out-of-the-norm specifications & applications.

Cylinder Applications

Adjustable pneumatic force, motion and displacement with unmatched accuracy and performance available in single acting or double acting configurations.

Basic Mount Pneumatic Cylinders

Basic Mount Cylinders

Basic mount diaphragm air cylinders offer a simple mounting configuration with (4) standard tapped holes on the front face of the cylinder.

Clevis Mount Penumatic Cylinders

Clevis Mount Cylinders

Clevis mount diaphragm air cylinders provide a pivot style mount on the back of the cylinder. 

Foot Mount Pneumatic Cylinders

Foot Mount Cylinders

Foot mount diaphragm air cylinders (FM style mount) offer a simple way to mount a cylinder on a flat mounting surface for straight linear motion.

Flange Mount Pneumatic Cylinders

Flange Mount Cylinders

Flange mount diaphragm air cylinders provide a way to mount a cylinder to a flat mounting surface on the front or rear of the cylinder. Available in front or rear mount.

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Flexible Design

Our 3-Piece design allows for more flexibility in terms of length compared to other cylinders on the market.
Making it the ideal choice for custom/ application-specific requirements.

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At Illinois Pneumatics, Inc., we dedicate ourselves to providing accurate & trusted pneumatic cylinder solutions in the USA & Globally.

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The driving force behind our diaphragm air cylinders and pneumatic products is our commitment to customer satisfaction and forward-thinking innovations in pneumatic cylinder technologies.

From Roscoe, IL to worldwide standards, it's our mission to deliver more solutions, in more sizes, for more applications while exceeding performance and longevity expectations. 

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Illinois Pneumatics has achieved worldwide recognition as a leading pneumatic cylinders manufacturer and custom diaphragm air cylinders provider.

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